Landscape Photography by Tyler James

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    Aquamarine lagoons, overwater bungalows, pristine beaches make this coastline some of the world’s most aspirational properties. There is no doubt Mo'orea will be imprinted in your mind long after you depart.



    My favorite part of staying on Tahiti was observing the local fisherman coming in on traditional outrigger canoes and hauling fish up this boat ramp. Poisson Cru is considered the national dish of French Polynesia. It is similar, but distinctly different from Hawaiian poke or Latin ceviche.



    Still largely untouched, the Mo'orea of 30 years ago if not 120 years ago. One of the great world landscapes. One of the features that is so striking about this island is the jagged peaks and spires that give the island its unique profile. Geologists speculate that thousands of years ago, the northern rim of the volcano either fell into the sea or was blown away by a volcanic explosion, leaving the heart-shaped island of today. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Behind the Scenes | Namotu Island


      Rooke Media is donating 10% of every print sold to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to help ensure a healthier ocean for future generations. HWF protects Hawaii's most vulnerable marine animals, organizes public awareness campaigns, trains naturalists and provides interpretation for thousands of island residents and visitors each year. 


      My sole goal with Rooke Media, LLC was to create a business that would act as my vessel to help make a positive environmental impact and inspire others to get involved as well.  There is an old Greek proverb that says, “A society grows great, when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.” That sentence really resinates with me because my generation has been experiencing the aftermath from the Industrial Revolution our entire lives. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but in fact we borrow it from our children. 


      It is vital to educate & engage our keiki, local people and elected officials about enacting laws to help protect our island environment. The number one thing I want a viewer to take away from my photography is just how extraordinary and rare planet earth is. I hope that you will continue to stand by our side in this great endeavor of sharing beautiful images of this planet and to help ensure a healthier ocean for future generations. If you would like to donate on your own behalf please see and click on form below. 

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